Can't tell you how many times I have bragged on Dr. Domoney and her staff at Oasis! It is so much fun to shock people when I say, "I love going to my dentist!" When she started the pedicures during cleaning I thought "WOW this is SO cool!" but now with her painless computer anesthesia, it is completely amazing! Absolutely no pain and no numb lips or cheeks! It's incredible!

Kathy S.

I used to be one of those people that literally would have rather gone thru child birth again than to have dental work done. I would sometimes sit with white knuckles on the chair and almost pass out when I stood up due to how tense I would be when visiting the dentist.

I'm happy to say that has completely changed. Dr. Domoney and her staff are amazing! I don't know how they did it, but I no longer have nightmares before going to get my teeth cleaned. I have had some extensive work done on my teeth due to what other dentists surprisngly missed. Dr. Domoney will try everything she can before she has to do anything major, and I appreciate that. She and her staff are honest and caring and that is one of the reasons I have referred several of my friends to them.

I can't say enough good things about this practice. I plan to be a patient of theirs for years to come.

Lori H.

Dear Dr. Domoney,

I wonder how many ordinary citizens could write a letter like this to their dentists:

Do you know, that I never am anxious about visiting you! You have my teeth so sealed up that I seldom have discomfort or need a cavity filled. However, if/when I ever do, you do it so painlessly and carefully that is never unpleasant!

Getting my teeth cleaned, by Dustee, is such a pleasant and brief experience, that I never am concerned about any discomfort with that either. She is a joy!

Finally, Layna is the BEST! Not only is she friendly and helpful, but she knows all about all kinds of insurances, so getting reimbursements is never a problem.

The warm, caring, loving, sweet smiles of you all mean so much to me! After seven years with you, I would never consider going anywhere else...

Sincerely and affectionately,

Linda E.

Dear Dr. Domoney and Staff,

Words cannot begin to express how truly pleased I am with my veneers. Although, this was done well over a year ago I still receive endless compliments from friends, family and even strangers about how great my teeth look.

Because of your amazing work, I now love to show off my new smile. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.

Thank you!

Jakita B.

I have intended to write this letter of thanks for many months, which has now become a number of years. Dr. Domoney encouraged me for a number of months to consider using an occlusal guard to help releive the terrible pain I was having in my right ear and jaw. I finally agreed to have one made and started using my occlusal guard each night, in 2005, and almost immediately began receiving relief from the pain in the right ear and jaw. I have used the guard each night after brushing my teeth and only on rare occasion do I have any pain in the right side of my face.I have used the guard while driving on vacations and this prevents me from cleanching my teeth together which had caused me severe pain in the past.

I would very much recommend the occlusal guard to anyone who has TMJ problems in their jaw or for the clenching and grinding of the teeth. Thank you again to Dr. Domoney for your concern and in helping me to overcome a very painful problem by making me an occlusal guard.

Gene F.
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